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We’re passionate about the heritage, culture, and spectacular natural beauty of Chile. Although we’re based in Santiago, you’ll find us spending most of our days out of the city, helping out in local communities, working with local Arrieros (Chilean horsemen), and working to preserve the incredible mountains. As big supporters of the Leave No Trace program, we care. That is why we commit to sustainable management, combining high quality and sustainability in the services and tourism products we offer.

Our mission is to work closely with local communities to preserve the identity and cultural heritage of each of our collaborators. Together with our friends and colleagues, the Arrieros (cowboys) of the Andes mountain range, we work to honour and preserve the history and traditions of the region. As long as this traditional way of life in the cordillera (mountain ranges) survives, living treasures inhabit our mountains. “An arriero knows where he is in the mountains, because he knows all the paths.” By celebrating and working with the arrieros, we can appreciate their deep, ancestral roots and gain a strong understanding of traditional Chilean culture. United, we can achieve more.

La Ruta de Kauripaxa

As testament to our deep respect for the historical and cultural legacy of our country, we host an annual event called La Ruta de Kauripaxa which, through a unique sporting offering, seeks to share the story of the child of Cerro El Plomo and the indigenous peoples. According to the organizer of the event, Víctor Troncoso, “there are many ways to spread the cultural heritage of our country and sport is one of them.”

“Both the history of the child of Cerro El Plomo(opens in a new tab) and the vestiges that still remain make this place a unique space in Santiago, and where the preservation of the existing historical and archaeological legacy, will be key for the participants of the event. We will share four days of expedition with mountaineers and representatives of indigenous peoples,” Troncoso added.

During the event, indigenous cultural groups will bring their rituals, music, and traditional clothing, creating a unique experience in the world of mountain sports in Chile. The history of Kauripaxa and the vestiges that still remain of it offer the perfect opportunity to engage with the traditions and mystique of the native peoples. The Kauripaxa Route expresses the cultural and social meaning of our ancestors with all the symbolism and worldview of the Andean peoples.

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