Witness the Diversity & Beauty of Chile

On a Spectacular Day Tour

Our passion for Chile reaches across the length and breadth of the country. From stargazing in the Atacama Desert to trekking snow-capped mountains in Patagonia, our tours encompass the breathtaking diversity and natural beauty of this unique destination. Choose to hike glaciers around Santiago, journey through world-renowned vineyards, go horseback riding in the Andes, or take part in puma watching in the deep south. Chile is a nature lover’s playground; come explore with us!

Two Women Riding Horses and facing the mountains in the Andes, Chile.
Food & Art with a Story to tell: Valparaiso Experience
Departs from Santiago
Ascending Stairs in Sewell, Chile
Sewell - City of Stairs

Take Your Experience to the Next Level

What better way to explore the gems around Santiago or the extreme north of Chile than on a multi-day adventure? No need to worry about transport or admission fees, we’ve got you covered! Choose from a four-day exploration around the Chilean capital, journey to Bolivia and the Atacama Desert, or explore the Andean Highlands. With such an abundance of incredible locations, the beauty of this long, diverse country has never been more accessible!




Because our spectacular country should be accessible to all, we are committed to offering completely unique, customizable excursions in and around Chile. We strongly believe no group should be excluded and no stone left unturned, and for that reason we are here for all your travel needs. Simply get in touch via our contact form and start your South American adventure!

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Preserving the Beauty of Chile

One Action at a Time

Here at Flecha Extrema, we are passionate about preserving the striking beauty of this once-in-a-lifetime destination. For that reason, we are committed to working with local communities to offer sustainable, eco-friendly tours. You will often find us helping out in local communities, working with local arrieros (Chilean horsemen), and working to preserve the incredible mountains. We are more than a tour company: we are a rural community supporter, an eco-friendly business, and gatekeepers of this breathtaking country.

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